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Cool Sticky Tape

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Cool Sticky Tape is a waterproof tape with abrasion resistance and varied functionality. Also called Magic Tape, this is easily tearable and made from nano silica gel. It can be easily removed from wooden, metallic, ceramic, marble, and glass surfaces while leaving no visible marks. 

One of the best things about Cool Sticky Tape is its versatility. It is very useful in your home for sticking items to walls, fixing devices to surfaces, or organizing cables. Get some Cool Sticky Tape and you will be able to stick anything securely and without causing surface damage.
Versatility Test: 
  • Wall adhesive tape that can hold large items on walls.
  • Transparent tape that is invisible on surfaces.
  • Easy to adjust the length.
  • No effect on the environment.
  • Cool Sticky Tape can be washed and reused.
  • When removed the Cool Sticky Tape leaves no visible marks.
  • Cool Sticky Tape works on many surfaces: woods, metals, ceramic, marble, glass etc.
Removing Cool Sticky Tape is simple. Essentially remove a corner and gradually pull from the surface. Doing this permits the tape to effectively leave the wall(brick) and cause no noticeable mess!
Reusing the Cool Sticky Tape: 

Traceless washable adhesive tape is also reusable and can be washed by running it under warm water and lightly removing dirt.

  • Washable and Reusable: Cool Sticky Tape is a much more economical option that normal double-sided tape because it is washable when and also reusable.
  • Easy to Cut: People who use transparent tape made from nano-silica value its convenience. It is easy to cut in any length with your teeth. Amazingly, it still manages to be extremely strong and hold items to walls.
  • Environmentally Friendly: Cool Sticky Tape is made from nano gel silica and is completely eco- friendly because of its non-toxic composition.

How To Use:

People love using gel tape in their homes as Cool Sticky Tape also reduces the need for a drill, screws because of its firm and sticky nature it glues to the wall and is a super-strong double-sided gel that lasts significantly longer than traditional removable tape.



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